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Our multi-style text boxes give you absolute control over adding text anywhere to any piece of stationery. Because the text is not a part of the card, it is not constrained to the card's margins or even the orientation of the text. Floating text boxes can be flipped, rotated, stretched, placed over or behind images and even have colorful graphical or custom borders. You can adjust the horizontal alignment and vertical line spacing for the text box either as a unit or on a line-by-line basis. In the example below from the April 2013 issue of the Mountaincow Newsletter, we several floating text boxes to add rotated text on the invitation. We also used a floating text box to bend text into a curve at the top of the invitation.

Floating Text Box
Note: The light gray rectangle represents a margin and will not be printed.

You can easily add floating text to any stationery. Just click on the Insert Text Box button in the toolbar or choose Text Box, Insert Text Box in the Design menu and PrintingPress Extreme will add the text box to your stationery with the default "Begin typing to replace text" selected in the text box. You can type directly into the text box and use the controls in the Character and Paragraph palettes in the Text palette group to style your text.

Text Box

Double-click on a text box at any time to edit the text box in place. The text box will automatically resize as you type more text. You can also double-click on the edge of a text box (the periwinkle line in the above text box) and the Edit Text Box window will appear. A preview of your text box is shown on the right side of the window.

Edit Text Box
(click to enlarge)

Floating text boxes also allow you to adjust the transparency of the text using the Opacity controls at the bottom of the Text Box window. An Opacity setting of 100% is completely opaque. The example below shows two semi-overlapping floating text boxes each with an Opacity setting of 50%.

Semi-Transparent Text Boxes
Note: The light gray rectangle represents a margin and will not be printed.

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