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The PrintingPress Extreme shape tool allows you to quickly and easily add a decorative shape to any piece of stationery. The tool allows you to choose from a list of 59 different shape outlines and specify the fill color or pattern, details for a frame around the shape and details for an outline and inner pen for the shape. The example below from the June 2013 issue of the Mountaincow Newsletter shows a birth announcement with "bubbles" that were created with both floating text boxes (the bubbles with text inside them) and with shape objects (the plain bubbles).

Shape Example
Note: The light gray rectangle represents a margin and will not be printed.

To add a shape to your stationery, choose Shape, Insert Shape in the Design menu. The Shape window will appear. To edit a shape that you've already created, use the controls in the Background and Border palettes or double-click on the shape and use the controls in the Edit Shape window.

Edit Shape
(click to enlarge)

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