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You can quickly create new projects based on sample projects, including designs from our free email newsletter. When you create a project based on a sample, it creates a new project with all the stationery in the sample and an empty Mailing List. To create a project based on a sample project, choose New Project in the File menu. The Open Project window will appear. Click on Create a new project based on a sample project to expand the item and see all the categories of sample projects. You can display the projects in thumbnail or report view. You can zoom the thumbnails to be larger or smaller, and you can resize the window to show more or fewer thumbnails. You can also click on the Find by item number button to enter the manufacturer's item code and locate the appropriate project. Select a project and click the OK button to create your own copy of the sample project.

Open Project
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A powerful tool is the Duplicate Project feature, which enables you to make a clean copy of the stationery and Mailing List for a project when you want to repeat the effort and send out a similar mailing. To duplicate a project, choose Duplicate Project in the File menu:

Duplicate Project

For example, you have already sent out Holiday Cards 2009 to your friends and family. You have already designed stationery (complete with family photo), and you have already set up a Mailing List. When December, 2010 rolls around, you can duplicate your previous project and name it Holiday Cards 2010. Then all you need to do is add new text and a new family photo to the card, and print. The Mailing Status is reset for the new project, so you can track a new set of gifts and thank-you cards for the new holiday season.

A new PrintingPress Extreme feature is Copy Stationery to Project. This allows you to duplicate individual pieces of stationery from one project into another. Just view the stationery you wish to copy and choose Copy Stationery to Project in the Stationery menu.

Copy Stationery to Project

Hold down the Control key and click as many items as you would like to copy in the stationery list. Then choose the project in the list on the right into which you want to copy the stationery. If you'd like to create a new project, check Create new project and specify a name for the new project in the Name field.

Another powerful tool is the Export Project feature. This allows you to share projects with other PrintingPress Extreme users, send projects to another computer for printing or save a backup of your important projects. For example, if you are creating a wedding invitation, you can export and email the project to your parents for feedback on the wording, the Mailing List and the addressing style.

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