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Printing invitation and announcement cards and envelopes has never been easier. Now that you have configured your stationery size and margins with the Stationery Wizard, and designed the contents with the stationery editor, you are ready to use the custom Print window to configure the settings for your printer. Different printers work differently, so the Print window lets you customize settings for the printer you are using as well as choose options for how to print your stationery. Advanced printing features allow add crop marks, enter an offset for your printer, or print cards with die-cut tops upside down (bottom-first). In the example below, we are printing just a few labels from a sheet of standard (non-addressed) labels. Since we already printed a few labels on the sheet, we are beginning printing on the first label in the third row on the sheet.

Print Window
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If you are printing envelopes, postcards, address labels or place cards, you can choose to print only specific names from your Mailing List or Guest List. You may initially want to print envelopes for your entire mailing list, but later you can use this option to select a few new names that were recently added to the list. When you click the Choose names button, the following window lets you select names from your Mailing List for the current project:

Select Names Window


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