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The PrintingPress Extreme monogram tool allows you to create a traditional one-,two-, or three-letter monogram. The tool will format initials using any font, help you customize the size ratio of the outside letters to the middle one and set how much the letters overlap. You can use an alternate font for the side letters, specifying alternate color, style, etc. as well. You can even control whether the center letter is in front of or behind the side letters.

The example below uses the Alyssa Black Tie font from our Fonts & Graphics for Weddings collection, with a skew of 44 on all letters to straighten them for the monogram. We also used an alternate font for the side letters so that they could be a contrasting color.


To insert a monogram, choose Monogram, Insert Monogram in the Design menu. The Monogram window will appear. To edit a monogram already on the stationery, double-click on it.

Edit Monogram Window
(click to enlarge)

You can also edit a monogram by clicking on it and then using the controls in the Character palette, which are modified to include the monogram settings.

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