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The Mailing List specifies the people to whom you will be sending your invitations, announcements or holiday cards created in the current project. For many invitation and announcement projects, you are only half-way there when you put the envelopes in the mail. For weddings, showers and other parties, you have to watch for RSVP cards and tally up who has responded, who is coming and who you have to call. For moving and birth announcements you have to keep track of all the well-wishers who send you housewarming or baby gifts so you can promptly respond with a thank-you card. And if you have ever planned a wedding or had a baby before, you know you have other things on your mind!

The Mailing List shows the current status for each recipient in the current project, as well as the cumulative number of responses received and guests attending. To view a project's Mailing List, click on Mailing List in the Project palette.

Mailing List
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To add names to the Mailing List, select names in the Address Book and select the Add To Mailing List menu item. If you have a large number of names in your Address Book, individually clicking on each one you want to add to your Mailing List may be cumbersome. Alternatively, you can select the Choose Names for Mailing List menu item in the Address Book or Mailing List menus, which will bring up the Select Names window:

Select Names

As responses and gifts come in, or thank-you cards go out, you can use the Update Mailing Status window to keep your project's status up to date. You can also keep track of a guest list for the event by adding guests for each name in your Mailing List. You can later use this guest list to print table place cards. To update status information for any name in your Mailing List, double-click on a name or click on the name and choose Update Status in the Mailing List menu. The Status window allows you to track the number of adults and children attending your event to help you better plan for it.


You can quickly update the RSVP status of one or more names in the Mailing List by clicking on the names (using the Shift or Control keys to select multiple names) and clicking on the RSVP Yes or RSVP No buttons in the toolbar. You can also assign tables to guests by selecting the names and clicking the Assign Table button.

RSVP RSVP Yes RSVP No Assign Table

PrintingPress Extreme makes it easy to keep track of guests' meal choices and print them in a list organized by guest name or by table. Display each guest's meal choice on the place card using text, an image, or both. Set the placement, size and color for the meal choice text. Use one of the new built-in meal choice options including stylish images in a wide color palette, or customize using your own text and images.

Meal Choices

Mailing Lists are central to PrintingPress Extreme. They enable you to print addressed envelopes that look professionally done. Mailing Lists can easily be duplicated to send new cards and envelopes to the same group of people for a different event. You can also print your Mailing List so you can easily review your list of names and addresses and keep track of RSVPs and gifts by hand.

Printed Mailing List
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