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When you're working with an invitation, you can select specific characters and adjust the horizontal or vertical spacing. When you're working with addressed envelopes, the placeholder address on the front of the envelope will be replaced with names and addresses from the Address Book. In order to adjust kerning on addresses, you can create individual kerning pairs with a set amount to tighten or loosen the spacing. To adjust the kerning for an envelope, double-click on the placeholder address on the envelope and click on the Kerning tab in the Edit Text Box window.

Edit Text Box
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You can add up to 25 kerning pairs for each envelope. To add a kerning pair, click the Add button. In the kerning pair, you can specify both the first and second letter or you can check the Use any letter checkbox to use any letter for either. Specify whether to tighten or loosen the pair, and the number of pixels to adjust the spacing. Then specify whether to apply the kerning pair to the main font or to one of the alternate fonts.

Edit Kerning Pair

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