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PrintingPress Extreme lets you add images to any piece of stationery. Click on the Insert Image button in the toolbar to and the Choose image window will appear. Choose an image from one of the built-in image libaraies or browse your hard disk to locate an image.Supported image file types are JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, EMF, BMP, WMF and PDF. When importing multi-page PDF files containing text or vector graphics, PrintingPress lets you choose which page to add as an image. Text on the imported PDF page content cannot be edited, but can be resized or recolored like other images. Folders of the built-in images are on the left side of the window, and thumbnails of the images in each folder are shown on the right side of the window. You can change the list to display in thumbnail view or report view. You can zoom the thumbnails to be larger or smaller, and you can resize the window to show more or fewer thumbnails. Click on a folder to browse its contents or search for a specific image.

Choose image
(click to enlarge)

After you add photos or images to your stationery, you can use the arsenal of powerful image effects to customize your image. If you do not have any objects selected on the card, the controls on the Adjust tab will apply to the stationery background. To make changes to the stationery border, click on the Apply to Border button. The controls on the Adjust palette allow you to modify the brightness, hue, saturation and transparency of any image. You can also recolor an image, border or background using one of the four recoloring options: Recolor, Tint, Colorize or the new Selective Color. You can also use the controls to recolor or adjust the scale, rotation, and white transparency of patterns.

Downsample Image Brightness Transparency Saturation No Color Adjustment Recolor Tint Colorize Selective Color Sample Color Match RGB Hue Blur Convert to Grayscale Convert to Outlines Make White Transparent Apply Color Erase Contiguous Preserve Gradient Match Hue Modify Previous Fill Tolerance Scale Pattern Rotate Pattern Apply to Border Pattern Make White Transparent Restore Original Image Adjust Palette

The Selective Color tool lets you replace any color for just part of an image. When you click on the Apply Selective Color button, the cursor changes to a paint bucket. The Fill Color window appears to show you a magnification of the exact color that is beneath the paint bucket cursor so that you can precisely select which color to replace. When you click on the area in the selected image that you would like to recolor, PrintingPress Extreme will replace the selected color with the most recently used RGB value. The Apply Selective Color tool respects the Contiguous, Preserve Gradient, Match Hue and Tolerance settings. You can use the Selective Color tool to adjust the colors in a pattern as well. In the example below, we used the Selective Color tool to recolor just the flower petals in an image of a branch of cherry blossoms. In this case, the Contiguous setting was disabled so that all the flowers would be recolored with a single click.

Selective Color

The Selective Color tool also lets you replace part of an image with a pattern.

Selective Color Fill With Pattern

The Colorize tool allows you to replace all the color in an image with a color that you specify. All of the black in the original image is replaced with the specified color, and all lighter areas in the image are replaced with lighter versions of the new color. In the example below, we colorized a black heart to green.


One of our unique image effects, the faded border, allows you to blend the edges of the image into the background of your stationery. In the example below, we faded the border and converted the image to grayscale.

Fade Image Border

If you're working with one or more large images and are only using the image at a small percentage of the original size, you can choose to downsample the image to improve performance and reduce memory requirements for printing.

The Convert to Outlines feature lets you to convert any full-color BMP, EMF, GIF, PNG, TIFF or WMF image with a black outline to a black and white outline of the image.

Convert to Outlines

You can adjust the size of the image by typing in a height or width or by using the drag handles. The advanced cropping tool lets you crop images while still seeing the entire image for reference.

Advanced Cropping Tool


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