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PrintingPress Extreme lets you add borders to any stationery, image, text box or monogram. You can use any of the built-in border images, a border image you download from the internet, or even create a custom border. To add a border to your stationery, choose Stationery Border, Add Border in the Design menu. Increase Line Spacing Decrease Line Spacing Reset Line Spacing Increase Horizontal Spacing Decrease Horizontal Spacing Reset Horizontal Spacing Align Top Align Middle Align Bottom Justify Vertically Move Line Up Move Line Down Move Line Left Move Line Right Reset Line Position In the example below from the September/October 2013 issue of the Mountaincow Newsletter, we used a graphical border image featuring skulls and flourishes.

Graphical Border
(click to enlarge)
Note: The light gray rectangle represents a margin and will not be printed.

PrintingPress Extreme gives you powerful tools to create custom borders. It allows you to specify a fill type for the custom border, choosing between Solid (which allows you to choose a color or pattern), Shape (which allows you to repeat a shape around the border) and Image (which allows you to repeat an image around the border). The example below is from the November 2012 issue of the Mountaincow Newsletter.

Custom Border
Note: The light gray rectangle represents a margin and will not be printed.

The example above shows a 0.25 inch custom border filled with a pink, green and white striped custom pattern. In addition, the border has a 10 point inner pen with the Line Type set to Double Line. The inner pen has the Use Alternate Inner Pen Color feature enabled. The Inner Pen Color is set to white and the Alternate Inner Pen Color is set to pink.

Border Palette Top Margin No Border Graphical Border Custom Border Left Margin Border Shape Width Fill Color Fill Type Fill Shape Fill Spacing Fill Shape Color User Alternate Outline Color Outline Thickness Outline Spacing Inner Pen Line Type Inner Pen Thickness Line Type Inner Pen Spacing Adjacent to Fill Inner Pen Color Inner Pen Adjacent to Fill User Alternate Inner Pen Color Outline Color

PrintingPress Extreme includes 31 line types for use with custom borders, including Loops, Wave, Ric Rac, Double Line, Circle, Dash, Greek Key and more. The alternate color feature allows you to specify a secondary color for certain line types.

Line Types

By default, the stationery border is behind all of the design elements on the stationery except for the stationery background. PrintingPress Extreme now lets you move the stationery border to the top layer so that it is drawn on top of other design elements on the stationery including the main text area and floating images and text boxes. Below you can see the same design with the border first above and then below the other design elements.

Border in Front
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Border in front of other design elements

Border in Back
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Border behind other design elements


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