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You can use the align and distribute tools on the Align palette in the Design palette group to precisely line up and arrange objects on your stationery.

Edge to Edge Bottom Edge to Edge Top Edge to Edge Right Edge to Edge Left Align Center Align Right Align Horizontal Center Align Left Align Bottom Align Vertical Center Align Top Distribute Right Enable / Disable Floating Images Show / Hide Floating Images Distribute Vertically Distribute Horizontally Distribute Left Distribute Horizontal Center Distribute Top Distribute Vertical Center Distribute Bottom Unlock Lock Ungroup Group Move to Back Move Back Move Up Move To Front Float Behind Text Float Over Text

To align or distribute objects, you must first select all the objects you wish to arrange. To select multiple objects, you can either:

  1. Hold down the shift key and then click on each object you wish to arrange.
  2. Click on the Select Objects button in the toolbar and drag a marquee to select all the floating objects you wish to arrange at once.
  3. Choose Select All in the Edit menu to select all objects on one page.

You can select any combination of floating objects, whether they are images, text boxes, or monograms. Once the objects are selected, you can use the menu or toolbar to align or distribute them as desired. If the Relative To Stationery button is pressed, all alignment and distribution tools arrange objects relative to the edges of your page. If it is not pressed, the tools arrange objects relative to each other. Below, the objects were aligned to the vertical center and distributed evenly horizontally.

The new Align Edge to Edge tools allow you to line up a group of objects so that they are contiguous with each other. Below, the objects were aligned to the horizontal center and edge to edge top

Align Edge to Edge Top

You can group objects together so they are considered one object. Below, the bikini, sunglasses and beach tote are separate images that were grouped.

The Lock button locks the selected objects so that they cannot be modified in any way. When an object is locked, its drag handles are red to indicate that they cannot be used. You can always unlock an object to modify it again.

PrintingPress Extreme offers keyboard shortcuts to some key alignment tools to save you time. Click on an object and use the arrow keys to move the object up, down, left or right pixel by pixel. You can use keyboard shortcuts to automatically position your object relative to the margins of your stationery:

  • Control + Home
    Centers the object vertically and horizontally within the stationery.
  • Control + left arrow
    Aligns the left edge of the object with the left edge of the stationery.
  • Control + right arrow
    Aligns the right edge of the object with the right edge of the stationery.
  • Control + up arrow
    Aligns the top edge of the object with the top edge of the stationery.
  • Control + down arrow
    Aligns the bottom edge of the object with the bottom edge of the stationery.


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