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Single Computer License for Windows 10 or higher

Upgrade to PrintingPress Pro Extreme 11 with your valid serial number. See a complete list of new features in the latest version and older versions below, including specialty print services and our new fontastic font management features that make it easier and more fun to design with a large collection of fonts. Click here for a complete list of all software features.

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PrintingPress Pro Extreme 11 Upgrade Features

Below are the new features included in the most recent version of PrintingPress Pro Extreme. Have any ideas for great new upgrades? Please email us feature requests! And keep your eye out for downloadable updates with new features throughout the coming months.

Convert Print It For Me Designs to Print It Myself
Convert Print It For Me Designs
to Print It Myself
Now with any of our modern new sample designs you can choose to print it yourself onto cut cards, have us print it for you, or print and trim it using the AccuCut professional die cutting system. Use the option in the New Project window to configure the sample design for the way you want to print it. Foil, thermography and letterpress options will be converted to printable graphics when you want to print those designs yourself
Search, sort and filter when assigning projects to customers
Search, sort and filter when assigning
projects to customers
If you have hundreds of customer folders our new dialog windows are now much easier to use! By request we have added features enabling you to sort by the most recently used customers in addition to alphabetically, and to type to search and filter the list to find the customer you need.

Enhanced Duplicate Project Dialog
When duplicating a project it can be daunting to locate the customer you want to place the new copy of the project into. We added the same enhancements to the Duplicate Project dialog to make it easier to copy and assign &projects quickly.
Enhanced Copy Stationery to Project
Enhanced Copy Stationery to Project
We’ve uplifted our Copy Stationery to Project dialog to make it easier to work with hundreds or thousands of customers and projects. Sort by recent or alphabetically, and easily exclude projects you have archived. New check boxes make it easy to select the stationery you want to copy.
Relocate data folder
Now you no longer need to keep the PrintingPress Extreme Data folder in the Documents folder, you can locate it wherever you like on your computer or an external hard disk drive, as long as it is a drive local to your computer and always connected. This helps avoid issues with services like OneDrive that sync your Documents folder but sometimes get disconnected causing your data to appear to go missing.
Create gorgeous framed photos with personalized photo mats
Create gorgeous framed photos with
personalized photo mats
Our new Photo Mats stationery type lets you design and print personalized photo mats with the photos in one pass for standard 8x10, 10x20 and 11x14 inch photo frames. You can be creative and design with different mat aperture shapes as well as multi-photo mats. The software automatically prints the mat with a bevel so it looks 3-D when inserted into the frame with no mat cutting needed.
Preview Fonts
Preview Fonts
You will love our new Preview Fonts window to quickly and easily preview the selected text displayed side by side in all the fonts in a font group. Scroll through and choose the one you like best and double-click to apply that font.
Filter Fonts
Filter Fonts
There are so many fonts available today, sifting through thousands of fonts organized into a single huge alphabetized list can be overwhelming. Our new filter allows you to control what fonts are shown in your font combo box. Choose from one of the built-in font filters or create your own custom font groups.
Organize your fonts into custom groups
Organize your fonts
into custom groups
Now you can easily organize all your fonts into an unlimited number of custom font groups to make your design life so much easier! You can group your fonts by style, by frequency of use, or however you like!
Customize Font Groups
Customize Font Groups
You can add and remove fonts from custom font groups. While editing font groups, you can filter visible fonts or search by font name.
Identify Missing Fonts
Identify Missing Fonts
If you import a sample project that uses fonts that you do not have installed on your computer, you will see a list of all the missing fonts for each piece of stationery. Click to copy the list of missing font names to make it easy to locate and download or purchase the fonts.
Edit Address Abbreviations
Edit Address Abbreviations
Now you can customize the abbreviations that are automatically spelled out when you choose the envelope addressing options to auto spell state names, directions, street, apartment, etc. giving you maximum flexibility. You can add or delete abbreviation/full name pairs as needed. And at any time you can easily revert back to the default settings.
Mailing List Checkboxes
Mailing List Checkboxes
Now the software can help you keep track of which envelopes you have already printed with check boxes in the Mailing List. When you print envelopes it asks if all printed correctly and automatically checks the list as printed. If you import more names, they will be unchecked, and the Print window now includes an easy option to print just the unchecked names.

Guest List Checkboxes
You can also keep track of which place cards you have already printed with check boxes in the Guest List with the same options to check if all printed correctly and to easily print just the unchecked guests.
Find Name in Print Preview
Easily find any name when previewing addressed envelopes, address labels, post cards or place cards. Click Find in Print Preview and either browse through the entire Mailing List or Guest List to locate the desired name, or type into the field at the top of the Find Name window. You can also continue where you left off!

Print Preview Navigation Buttons
We’ve added jump to beginning and jump to end buttons into Print Preview along with the new Find Name button to help you quickly navigate to save time.
Print Offset
Print Offset
Adjust print offset for perfect print alignment customized to your printer. Now it even saves separate offsets for portrait and landscape for each printer.
Updated Print Font Test Sheet
Updated Print Font Test Sheet
Print your custom font groups or any combination of fonts to show customers your assortment of related fonts using the updated Print Font Test Sheet window. Save the test sheet as a PDF file for your website, or print it to the printer.

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Previous Upgrade Feature Lists

  • Specialty print services including foil, letterpress & thermography
  • Stock foil and letterpress + digital designs do not require a custom die
  • Thermography can be added to digital prints
  • Digital printed or foil stamped napkins, coasters and treat bags
  • Two-sided digital printing at no additional charge
  • Custom 1 ink, 2 ink, or 1 ink + 1 foil letterpress
  • Choose standard or 220# Crane Lettra options for letterpress
  • Rounded corners, frame and other trim options
  • Display specialty print processes on screen as you work
  • Foil, letterpress and thermography palettes are built-in
  • Auto-generates art files for custom foil and letterpress dies
  • Multiple facilities in the US and in-country printing in Canada
  • Geo-target order fulfillment to reduce delivery time
  • Envelope return address printing and foil-lined envelopes
  • Boxed notecards and individually sleeved gin-reeting cards
  • New assortment of in-store printable gifts
  • Two-pass color on color with C711WT
  • OKI NEON color and blacklight preview
  • New AccuCut Pinnovation die templates
  • Second meal choice on place cards for couples
  • Bulk sort mailing list by zip code for bulk mailings
  • Auto create seating charts from guest list by name or by table
  • Layers palette
  • Personalized gift items
  • Wedding, return address and business logos
  • Ruler guides with snap to edge and center
  • Enhanced font menu shows all styles
  • Centimeters and European sizes
  • Scale text style
  • Justify words paragraph format
  • Monochrome colorize
  • Image drop shadows
  • Print mailing list and guest list to PDF
  • Print envelopes to PDF one-pass
  • Auto set paper size when printing
  • Updated AccuCut templates
  • Order AccuCut custom die templates
  • AccuCut address labels and place cards
  • AccuCut template search
  • Import/export PDF files
  • Supercharged addressing with multiple alternate fonts
  • Enhanced Windows 10 support and performance improvements
  • Import/export PDF files
  • Multiple alternate fonts
  • Image crop mode
  • Convert image to background
  • Move border to front or back
  • Place address elements on their own line
  • Rotate label name within address
  • Bend label name
  • Replace commas with images
  • Separate zip code digits
  • Pin image to address
  • Mirror image around address
  • Enlarge house number to span full address height
  • Create addressed envelope PDF proofs
  • Advanced kerning options
  • New built-in image, border, background and pattern libraries
  • AccuCut die templates built-in
  • Full support for OpenType Pro fonts including alternate glyphs, swash, ligatures & more
  • Postal code address verification and auto-complete from zip code
  • Paint bucket selectively recolors part of an image with a color or a pattern
  • Eraser selectively makes part of an image transparent
  • Meal choice options and graphics displayed on place cards
  • Arc text shapes and new text outline and shadow styles
  • Type with confidence with spelling error preview
  • New flexible formatting options for printing mailing list
  • Thumbnails for project and image browsing
  • Search for projects, images and customers
  • In-place text box editing using text palettes
  • Text box columns for easy ceremony programs
  • Customize default email text for graphical proofs
  • Custom border line types including loop, wave, ric rac, double line, circle and dash
  • Paint bucket selectively recolors part of an image
  • Eraser selectively makes part of an image transparent
  • Thumbnails for project and image browsing
  • Search for projects, images and customers
  • In-place text box editing using text palettes
  • Text box columns for easy ceremony programs
  • Customize default email text for graphical proofs
  • Enhanced support for PostScript fonts
  • Over 25 new custom border line types including loop, wave, ric rac, double line, circle and dash

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