Invitation Architect

Invitation Architect

Single Computer License for Windows 10 or higher

With our Invitation Architect 3.0 software, you can create on-screen previews and proofs of layered invitations using different paper colors and patterns. Virtual, tree-free proofs using any color scheme save money (and trees!), reduce the carbon footprint, and avoid the need to order, ship and assemble traditional paper proofs. Read below for an overview of software features.

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I absolutely love both PrintingPress Pro Extreme and Invitation Architect. They have made life so much easier and will probably save me money in the long run by stopping customers from ordering so many samples to see what the different colour combinations will look like.



Invitation Architect Overview

Invitation Architect allows you to view a complete, layered invitation suite and adjust the stationery colors, sizes and positions. When you open a project, the design preview of the project is shown at the left side of the application window. Each piece of stationery used in the project is listed in the Layers list at the top right side of the application window. The Swatch Palette is shown at the bottom right of the application window. You can adjust the size of each section of the window by dragging the gray dividers using the grab handles.

Sample Projects
Sample Projects
Invitation Architect includes hundreds of sample projects for you to use for layered invitation designs from Mountaincow and Envelopments®. Also includes blueprints for AccuCut templates.
Change Stationery Colors
Change Stationery Colors
Click on any piece of stationery in the project and change the color using the built-in stationery color palettes. Includes stationery colors for Mountaincow and Envelopments® with intelligence about supported sizes for different colors and shapes.
Printed Panels Printed Panels
Add Printed Panels
Invitation Architect allows you to add a printed panel to any layer in your project so you can customize it with your customer’s actual text, images and layout. You can use PrintingPress Pro Extreme to generate a printed panel graphics file.
Duplicate Layers
Duplicate Layers
Create a copy of an existing layer and then modify the size and color to add more depth and color to the design. You can also duplicate an existing layer and move it in order to show the front and back of the same card.
Hide or Delete Layers
Hide or Delete Layers
Hide an entire piece of stationery or just part of it to customize your design. Reduce the number of adhered layers to lower cost and production time, or remove unwanted elements from a layout.
Resize & Move Layers
Invitation Architect allows you to move and resize mounted card stock and enclosure cards in projects to customize the design to suit your needs. Adjust the size or placement in ⅛ inch increments.
Rounded Corners
Add Rounded Corners or Scalloped Edges
Projects using Mountaincow stationery can add rounded corners to any card or change cards to have scallped edges.
Flip Layers
Flip Layers
Flip patterned or duplex Envelopments® card stock to show the opposite side. If the layer that you want to flip is a glued shape such as a Pocket Fold or Portable Pocket, note that there will be additional custom fees to order the reversed item from Envelopments.
Smart Swatch Palette
Smart Swatch Palette
When you create a project that uses Mountaincow stationery, whether from a newsletter sample project or from a blank blueprint, the Swatch Palette will display Mountaincow stationery colors. When you create a project that uses Envelopments® stationery, whether from a sample project or from a blank blueprint, the Swatch Palette will display Envelopments stationery colors. If you are working on a project that uses Carlson Craft DIY or Pockets® stationery, the Swatch Palette will display Carlson Craft stationery colors.
Custom Stationery
Blank Blueprints & Custom Swatches
Invitation Architect includes blank blueprints for standard stationery sizes. Create your own custom swatches for use with any manufacturer's stationery.
Printing Designs Printing Designs
Printing Designs
Once you have chosen the different colors for the layers in your project and updated the printed panels to reflect your customer's text and design, you can print the completed design to show to your customer. The printed design shows all of the assembled layers using the customer's color choices to allow design approval without requiring you to order stationery samples.
Emailing Proofs
If you have an email client program like Outlook or Outlook Express installed on your computer, Invitation Architect makes it easy to email a graphical proof of the completed design to your customer for approval.
Ok, first off I have to tell you that I love Invitation Architect! I use it to show any drafts I provide my customers.
North Carolina



What a great idea for software...and thank you for making it available! I have an at home studio and do not keep a lot of stock of all of the different colors/shapes/sizes of Envelopments papers, so it will be great for my clients who are so “visual” and need to see their order.



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