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PrintingPress Pro Extreme
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Advanced software for printing invitations and announcements at home. Platinum includes all the features of our standard edition, and also allows you to add borders to any stationery, photo or graphic, add floating text anywhere on a card, create custom monograms with a unique monogram tool, and more. Includes hundreds of sample projects, images, borders and backgrounds.

See full feature list and system requirements below.

PrintingPress Platinum 7.0, Personal Edition
(Windows) $99.99
PrintingPress Platinum 7.0 (Windows) CD-ROM
Add Fonts & Graphics Bundle + $99.99
Fonts & Graphics for WeddingsSave $14.96
Fonts & Graphics 3
Fonts & Graphics 2

Decorative Letters & Numbers
Mountaincow Stationery Swatch Book
Add Illustrations by Mountaincow, All Collections
Personal Edition + $199.99
Illustrations by Mountaincow, Personal Edition, Baby Collection
Save $89.94
Illustrations by Mountaincow, Personal Edition, Everyday Collection
Illustrations by Mountaincow, Personal Edition, Holiday Collection
Illustrations by Mountaincow, Personal Edition, Wedding Collection

Illustrations by Mountaincow, Personal Edition, Word Collage Family Collection
Illustrations by Mountaincow, Personal Edition, Word Collage School Collection
Illustrations by Mountaincow, Personal Edition, Word Collage Sports Collection

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PrintingPress Platinum 7.0 is licensed for personal use only. If you print invitations for clients, PrintingPress Pro Extreme 7.0 is available now.

Have an older version of PrintingPress or PrintingPress Platinum? Upgrade to PrintingPress Platinum 7.0 with your valid serial number.

$49.99 - $69.99 (Windows)

Serial Number:

Add Fonts & Graphics Bundle + $99.99 Save $14.96
Add Illustrations by Mountaincow, All Collections
Personal Edition + $199.99 Save $89.94

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PrintingPress Platinum 7.0 Features


Configure Stationery Layout

Configure Stationery Layout
The Stationery Wizard provides total control over creating and configuring cards, envelopes and other types of stationery for easy editing and printing. The Stationery Wizard allows you to specify the type of stationery, the exact dimensions of the stationery, fold location, margins, ribbon hole placement (if desired) and the number of cards per page (for printing 2 or 4 cards on a sheet and trimming afterwards). Specify details for envelopes, address labels, postcards, overlay pages, programs and table place cards.

Floating Images   Floating Images
Float images, text boxes and monograms above or below the main text area of a card. Drag floating images anywhere on the stationery.

Align Floating Images
  Aligning Floating Objects
Align floating images relative to each other or to the edges of your stationery. Distribute floating images evenly across the stationery horizontally or vertically. Disable or hide floating images to select text in the main text area.


Stationery Editor   Stationery Editor
The full-featured stationery editor includes zoom, accented characters, superscripts, fractions and a built-in spell-checker. Type directly into the main text area of the card or add floating text boxes and drag anywhere on the card. Paste text, monograms & borders designed in PrintingPress into other programs.

Text Palettes

Text Palettes
Tool palettes enable easy modification of text and images directly on the card. Use any font that you have on your computer and fill the text in any color. Adjust individual lines left, right, up & down, adjust character and line spacing, character kerning.

Recent Fonts MenuNew feature!
The Recent Fonts menu keeps track of the 10 most recently used fonts to make it easy for you to quickly select fonts among the ones that you are using for the current design.

Additional Text Shadow & Outline Types
Outlined TextNew feature!
Add an outline to any text and specify the color and thickness of the outline.
Text Case Styles   Text Case StylesNew feature!
Set the text case for any text including addresses on envelopes and address labels.

Additional Text Shapes
  Floating Text Boxes
Add multi-styled floating text boxes that can rotate text or automatically typeset fully justified text. Add a background color to the text box and set the background shape to Rectangle or Oval.


Use the unique monogram tool to quickly create a custom monogram using any font, diagonal monograms, diamond & circle monograms & borders.

Spelling Error Preview   Built-In Spell CheckerNew feature!
Check spelling for all text on a card at once, including floating text boxes. With the Show Spelling Preview feature enabled, misspelled words are underlined with a red squiggle to indicate the error. Right-click on the misspelled word to see suggestions to correct the error, ignore the word, or add the word to your custom dictionary.


Floating Image  

Adding Images
Add photos and graphics to any stationery. Embed the image directly in the main text area where it will obey text alignment rules or float the image above or below the main text area and drag it anywhere on the card. Supported graphics file types are JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, EMF, BMP and WMF.

Adjusting Images

  Adjusting Images
Flip, rotate, resize, fade border, crop, recolor, adjust brightness and saturation, adjust transparency, convert to grayscale, blur or add a border. Make all white in the image transparent. Restore to the original image at any time to remove all modifications.
Colorize   ColorizeNew feature!
Use the Colorize tool to replace all of the color in an image with another color. This is ideal for silhouette images and works best when the original image is black.

Sort Images by ColorNew feature!
When you click on the Insert Image button, you can use the Right-click menu option to sort images in the Choose Image window by color instead of by name. This will group all aqua images together, all blue images together, and so on. This is especially useful when browsing larger folders in our Illustrations by Mountaincow collections.

Borders and Backgrounds

Custom Borders  

Custom Borders and Backgrounds
Add custom borders and backgrounds to any image, text box, shape or monogram. Fill the custom border or background with any color. Set the shape of the border or background to Rectangle or Oval.

Background Image

Graphical Borders and Backgrounds
Add graphical border images to any image, text box, shape, monogram or stationery. Add a photo or graphical background image to any stationery.

Faded Border   Faded Border
Fade the edge of any photo or image into the background of the stationery.


Address Envelopes  

Address Book
Address envelopes, inner envelopes, labels, postcards & place cards from the names and addresses stored in your Address Book. Manually enter addresses or import from Outlook®, Excel®, Word®, Access® or any CSV file.

Address Envelopes
Advanced addressing options let you customize the printed address. Options include: alternate font for the formal name, auto spelling, zip code justified on its own line, auto superscripts & auto spelling of numbers & abbreviations.


Mailing Lists
Each project has its own unique Mailing List using names and addresses from your Address Book. This makes it easy to print envelopes for all 300 names for a wedding invitation and only 20 names for the rehearsal dinner.

Print Mailing List   Printing Mailing ListsNew feature!
Formatting options when printing the Mailing List, Guest List or Address Book let you specify which columns to print, specify the font and size, print with or without grid lines, and choose portrait or landscape format. The list is printed in the order in which it is currently sorted.

Print Preview Addresses
Print Preview addressed envelopes, inner envelopes, labels, postcards & place cards using the names and addresses in the address book. Make changes to fix errors and continue previewing.

Place Cards

Print Table Place Cards   Print Table Place Cards
Add names to the Guest List from the Mailing List or by entering them manually. Display and print by table or by name. Quickly assign multiple guests and table numbers, store multiple mailing label names. Separate the guest name and table into separate text boxes on the outside of the place card for maximum design control.


One-Pass Envelope Printing   One-Pass Envelope Printing
Print two-sided envelopes in one pass through your printer. Open the flap and place the bottom of the envelope into the printer's manual feed tray. The software automatically prints the address and the flipped return address in a single pass saving time and mangled envelopes.

Printer Offset
  Print Offset
Adjust print offset for perfect print alignment customized to your printer.


Original Fonts


Sample Monogram Styles

Sample Monogram Styles

Sample ImagesNew feature!

Sample Images

Sample ImagesNew feature!

Sample Images

Sample ImagesNew feature!

Sample Images

Sample Project TemplatesNew feature!

Sample Project Templates

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows® 8, 7, Vista or XP with service packs on PC or on Intel Mac with Parallels or VMWare Fusion
  • 1.2 GHz processor
  • Internet connection (for software activation)
  • 2 GB of RAM, 4 GB free hard disk space
  • CD-ROM drive
  • 1024 x 768 display


PrintingPress Platinum 7.0 is licensed for personal use only. If you print invitations for a fee, PrintingPress Pro Extreme 7.0 is available now. This product uses technological measures for copy protection. You will not be able to use the product if you do not fully comply with the activation procedures. Activation requires an Internet connection and email. You must accept the License Agreement displayed during the installation procedure before you can use this product. If you do not accept the terms of the License Agreement, you should return the product for a refund. Developed and published by Mountaincow LLC. For non-governmental use only. Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the U.S. and in other countries. © Copyright 2001- 2013 Mountaincow LLC. All rights reserved.


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