A creepy celebration & A day for the the mom-to-be
September 2012


--------------------  A creepy celebration  --------------------

Halloween doesn’t have to be just about taking your adorable little ghosts and goblins out begging for candy. Why not get in on the fun and throw a Halloween party! Our spooky new invitation designs are just right for an unearthly evening.


Halloween Party (PrintingPress)

Our PrintingPress 6.0 design features the chilling countenance of a jack-o’-lantern grinning from the top of a Deep Orange A7 card. We floated the image at the top of the page and then added the invitation text using the Palatino Linotype font that is included with Windows. We added an eerie silhouette of a jack-o’-lantern on the Mandarin Orange envelopes and lined them in Black.


Halloween Party (Platinum)

Do you believe that Halloween isn’t Halloween without a witch? Check out our PrintingPress Platinum 6.0 design. We started with a White A7 card and added a background image of a haunting witch standing atop a curly cliff at sunset. We added the invitation text using the Ryan Caps and Ryan Drop Cap fonts from Fonts & Graphics 3. Since the background runs all the way to the edge of the card, we used our printer’s borderless printing feature. We lined the Mandarin Orange envelopes in Black and added the witch’s feline cohort alongside the return address.


Halloween Party (Extreme)

Our PrintingPress Extreme 6.0 design is exquisitely ghastly, featuring a grinning skeleton lying in a casket while clutching a single magenta blossom. We added the skeleton as a background image and then added the invitation text in white using the Palatino Linotype font and the Isabelle font from Fonts & Graphics 2. We set the Horizontal Stretch to -20 and the Skew to 30 for the Isabelle font to make it narrower and more upright to perfectly fit inside the coffin. We used the Postcard stationery type to print two 4 x 10 postcards onto a single Natural Cotton 8 x 10 inch custom cut card. We added an image of a black coffin as a background image to the front of the postcard. Then we rotated the address so that it runs along the long side of the postcard, and rotated the return address to run along the short edge. We used our printer’s borderless printing feature and then used a rotary trimmer to separate the two bony beings.



--------------------  A day for the the mom-to-be  --------------------

When someone we love is having a baby (especially their first!), we shower them with love and gifts to help make those first sleepless months a little easier. Our new baby shower invitation designs are cute as a button and can be downloaded and printed in a snap.


Baby Shower (PrintingPress)

Looking for something modern and fun? Check out our PrintingPress 6.0 design. We started by adding an orange silhouette of a crawling baby to a White A7 card. We added the invitation text in orange and magenta using the Trebuchet and Palatino Linotype fonts that are included with Windows in a combination of all lowercase and all uppercase letters. We added a berry version of the baby next to the return address on the Magenta envelopes, which we lined in Mandarin Orange.


Baby Shower (Platinum)

Our PrintingPress Platinum 6.0 design is perfect for anyone with a silly sense of humor – just like us! We added a background image of a trio of old-fashioned half-pint milk bottles with pastel straws on a field of blue to a White A7 card. Next, we wrote “let’s toss back a few pints at a baby shower” in white at the top of the card. We used the Palatino Linotype font and added the mom-to-be’s name in dark blue to make it really stand out. Since the blue background runs to the edge of the card, we used our printer’s borderless printing feature. We lined the White envelopes in Yellow for a fresh look.


Baby Shower (Extreme)

Is the mama-to-be a fashionista? Then try our PrintingPress Extreme 6.0 design featuring fabulously hip bold stripes. We added a custom border to the square invitation and filled the border with a new fun stripes (friday) pattern. We set the border’s Shape to Oval and adjusted the border’s margins so that the stripes run off the edge of the card. For tips on this technique, see this month’s Extreme Tip. Next, we added a tiny onesie as a floating image and used the Colorize feature to make it the same color as one of the stripes. We added the invitation text using the Palatino Linotype font and the Isabelle font from Fonts & Graphics 2. We used the Sample Color tool to match the text colors to the stripes in the border. We added a 0.25 inch overprint and printed the invitation onto a White 6.75 x 6.75 inch custom cut card and then trimmed it down to 6.25 x 6.25 inches after printing. We added a violet version of the onesie above the return address on the White Square envelope and added a Midnight liner.



Extreme Tip


--------------------  Out of bounds  --------------------

PrintingPress Extreme 6.0 makes it easy to add custom borders to just about anything. In this month’s Extreme Baby Shower invitation, we created a unique custom border. What was unique about it was that the card is square, the inner shape of the border is circular, but the outer edge of the border doesn’t show any evidence of the circle. How did we do this? We’re glad you asked.


First, we added the custom border to the 6.25 x 6.25 inch card. The card has a 0.25 inch overprint to allow for bleed when printing. We filled the custom border in a striped pattern and set the border’s width to 1 inch.


Custom Border - Rectangle
(click to enlarge)


Next, we set the border’s Shape to Oval to make the inner line of the border into a circle. Pretty, but not quite right. We want to get rid of the blank white space outside of the circle.


Custom Border - Circle
(click to enlarge)


In order to make the stripes extend beyond the edge of the circle, we need to make the striped part of the border thicker. We increased the border’s Width to 3.55 inches. Since the border width is calculated from the edge of the card, the new border completely obscures the text and image.


Increase Border Width
(click to enlarge)


The solution? Give the border negative margins. We set the border’s Margin Top and Margin Left to -2 inches and everything looks perfect.


(click to enlarge)





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