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--------------------  Holiday Party  --------------------

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we’re about to officially start the holiday season! Why not start it right by throwing a holiday party to gather family and friends? We have fun new invitation designs to get your guests into the holiday spirit.


Holiday Party Invitations (PrintingPress)

In the mood for a merry and bright holiday season?  Try our PrintingPress 7.0 design featuring luxurious Natural Cotton. We started by adding a collection of retro snowflakes in bright colors to the Natural Cotton A7 card. We scattered the snowflakes around the invitation text and used the Sample Color feature to match the text color for different words to match each of the snowflakes. All of the invitation text is written using the Georgia font that is included with Windows, and the details of the event are written in grey in small uppercase letters. After printing, we used a corner punch to round the corners of the cards. The Magenta envelopes are dressed up with custom envelope liners and bold snowflakes beside the return address.


Holiday Party Invitations (Platinum)

Our PrintingPress Platinum 7.0 design has a whimsical feel and a festive holiday color palette. We started by adding a red & white striped background image to the front and back of a Natural Cotton A7 card. Next, we used a floating text box to add the invitation text in white using the Georgia font. We set the text box’s Background Color set to dark grey and added a 0.08 inch white custom border. We used the drag handles to stretch the text box to be larger and moved it so that the right edge of the text box hangs off of the right edge of the card. We used additional text boxes to add the remainder of the invitation text. We added a pen & ink style drawing of a pointing hand as a floating image and used Platinum’s new Colorize feature to change it to white. We created an arrow using additional characters available in the Palatino Linotype font. If you upgrade to PrintingPress Extreme 7.0, you can use the new Glyph Palette to find all the characters available in a font. For tips, see this month’s Extreme Tip. Since the design runs to the edge of the card, we used our printer’s borderless printing feature and then used a corner punch to round the corners of the cards. We lined the Deep Red envelopes in Pewter and added the pointing hand to the front of the envelope along with the words “kindly deliver to” beside the address.


Holiday Party Invitations (Extreme)

Planning an affair with a touch of elegance? Check out our PrintingPress Extreme 7.0 design featuring our Metallic Vintage stationery. We created a vintage subway art style invitation by typing text directly into the main text area of the card and by adding a variety of floating text boxes. We used the Georgia font for much of the text and used the Isabelle font from Fonts & Graphics 2 for some of the text. We used PrintingPress Extreme 7.0’s new Shadow feature to add a Double Shadow (Down) to some of the text. We used our laser printer to print the invitation onto Metallic Vintage 4.75 x 6.75 inch custom cut cards and then used a double-stick tape gun to adhere the invitation to a Black A7 card.  We lined the Metallic Vintage envelopes in Black for a sophisticated look.



--------------------  Last-Minute Holiday Gifts  --------------------

Is your gift list a little too long for your budget this year? No problem! Personalized stationery makes a great gift for anyone on your list, whether it’s a coworker, your coffee buddy, your child’s teacher, the hostess at a party, a neighbor, or your mom. We have a collection of new designs to suit any style. All of our designs include both flat cards and folded notes, so you can choose which one you want to make, or go for both!


Last-Minute Holiday Gift (PrintingPress)

Our PrintingPress 7.0 design has a bold, modern flair. We started by adding the name in magenta & black using the Trebuchet font that is included with Windows in all lowercase letters to the top of a White A7 card. We added a field of partial circle (black) images to the bottom of the card and threw in one partial circle (berry) to stand out from the crowd. We repeated the design on the front of the White 4-Bar folded note cards and used our printer’s borderless printing feature to print both cards. We added a line of half circles within the return address on the back of the White envelopes, which we lined in Magenta.


Last-Minute Holiday Gift (Platinum)

Have someone playful on your list? Take a look at our PrintingPress Platinum 7.0 design. We added pennant images behind the main text area of the card and used Platinum’s new Colorize feature to change the pennant colors to teal, ocean and lemon. We added the string to hold up the banner as three separate floating images and colorized them to grey. We typed the name in white using the Trebuchet font in all capital letters and then increased the Character Spacing so that the letters are each centered on a pennant. You can copy pennants to work with a longer name, or delete pennants to work with a shorter name. We repeated the design on the front of the White A2 folded note cards and on the backs of the White envelopes which we lined in Teal.


Last-Minute Holiday Gift (Extreme)

Our PrintingPress Extreme 7.0 design features a mod, arresting pattern created using PrintingPress Extreme’s Pattern Creator. We started by adding a custom border to a White A7 card. We set the border’s Shape to Line (Bottom), the border’s Width to 0.6125 inches, and added a 6 point bright green inner pen. We wrote the name in black and bright green at the top of the card using the Trebuchet font in all uppercase and all lowercase letters. To create the coordinating thank you note, we filled the background of the front of a White 4-Bar folded note card in the same custom pattern. Next, we used a floating text box to add the name to the center of the card. We filled the background of the text box in bright green wrote the last name in white. We used our printer’s borderless printing feature to print both cards and lined the White envelopes in Bright Green.




Extreme Tip


--------------------  The whole kit & kaboodle  --------------------

Did you know that fonts do not include all of the same characters? Some of the free fonts out there include only the lowercase and uppercase letters, while most fonts include at least all of the letters, numbers and standard punctuation. But there’s a whole world of possible characters out there, and some of them can be really fun for invitations. PrintingPress Extreme 7.0’s new Glyph Palette lets you see every single character included in a font.* To view the Glyph Palette, click on the Show Glyph Palette button on the Special Characters palette in the Text palette group.


Show Glyph Palette


By default, the Glyph Palette will open with the font for the text that was most recently selected. All of the available characters in the font are shown in the grid. A preview of the selected character is shown on the right side of the window.


Glyph Palette
(click to enlarge)


You can change the font using the Font combo box at the top left corner of the window. Use the Recent Fonts menu to select one of the 10 most recently used fonts. By default, the All Characters in Font setting is enabled. You can filter the results by using one of the other options. Make the characters larger by clicking on the Zoom In button, or make them smaller (to show more characters at a time) by clicking on the Zoom Out button. For typography geeks, the Unicode ID and all other character information for the selected character is shown below the character grid. Double-click on a character in the grid or click on the Insert button to add the character to your stationery. Click on the Done button to close the window when you’re finished.


OpenType Pro fonts also include different variants of characters called Alternate Glyphs. The Spcial Character palette in PrintingPress Pro Extreme displays alternate glyphs for the selected character and gives you quick access to OpenType Pro font styles such as swash capital letters, stylistic alternates, ligatures and ornaments.


Special Character Palette


The Glyph Palette in PrintingPress Pro Extreme can display all these alternate glyphs in addition to the standard forms of every character in the font. Upgrade to PrintingPress Pro Extreme for access to alternate glyph features for OpenType Pro fonts.


PrintingPress Pro Extreme Glyph Palette
(click to enlarge)



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