A fabulous father & Summer SoirÉe
May 2012


--------------------  A fabulous father  --------------------

As the days turn warmer and we clean off our patio furniture and fire up the grill, it seems the perfect time to celebrate the fathers in our lives! Whatever you do to celebrate your dad, it can be tricky to find the perfect gift. A safe bet? A pack of personalized stationery, of course! All of the designs use return address envelopes so that you can print dad’s address onto the envelope.


Dear Dad (PrintingPress)

If your dad is tapped into current trends and has jumped onto the moustache mania bandwagon, then our PrintingPress 6.0 design is just right for him. We started by typing dad’s name in red using the Courier New font that is included in Windows in all uppercase letters to the bottom right corner of a White A7 card. Next, we added a moustache and bowler hat to the name for a touch of playful personality.  We lined the Slate envelopes in Black and added the moustache to the top of the return address as well.


Dear Dad (Platinum)

Is your dad stuck in the past – but in a good way? Our PrintingPress Platinum 6.0 design with its decidedly retro style might be just the thing. We started by adding a yellow sunburst image to the bottom left corner of a White A7 card. Next, we used a floating text box to add dad’s first and last names in all caps using the Trebuchet font that is included in Windows. We set the text color to black and centered the text box on the sunburst. Then we duplicated the text box, shifted it up and to the left using the arrow keys on our keyboard, and changed the text color to a brick red. We duplicated the design on the back of the envelope for a snazzy return address, but changed the red text box to white so that the envelope color will show through. We lined the Metallic Saffron envelopes in Black for a striking look.


Dear Dad (Extreme)

If your dad has more modern taste, check out our PrintingPress Extreme 6.0 design. We used a floating text box to add dad’s first name to the left side of the card, rotating the text box so that the name runs up the left edge. We used the Arial Black font that is included with Windows and filled the text with a new scribble (black) pattern. We set the point size to 98 so that the name fills the edge of the card. If your dad’s name is longer, shrink the point size until it is just smaller than the card. We wrote dad’s first and last names using the Arial Black font and scaled the pattern to be a bit smaller for the smaller point size. We used the Arial font at a smaller point size for the address and increased the Baseline Shift so that it is vertically centered against the name. For tips on using the Baseline Shift setting, see this month’s Extreme Tip. We lined the Pewter envelopes in Black to complete the look.



--------------------  Summer Soirée  --------------------

As long as you’re getting your patio ready for Father’s Day, why not show it off with a barbeque? There’s no better way to kick off summer than a beautiful afternoon with good friends and good food. We’ve created fresh new designs to help you gather one and all for a relaxing afternoon outdoors.


Summer Soirée (PrintingPress)

Our PrintingPress 6.0 design is bold in its minimalism. We started by adding a tiny orange cocktail umbrella to the bottom of a White Square card. We added the text in grey using the Trebuchet font in all uppercase letters with the word “umbrellas” written in orange lowercase letters at a larger point size. We aligned the text to the bottom of the card so that it sits below the umbrella. We lined the Mandarin Orange envelopes in Pewter and added the cocktail umbrella to the back of the envelope to adorn the return address.


Summer Soirée (Platinum)

Looking for a crisp, beachy feel? Check out our PrintingPress Platinum 6.0 design. We added a new bold stripes (sand & butterscotch) background image to a White A7 card. We added the text in white using the Palatino Linotype font that is included with Windows and typed it along the stripes.  We used a floating text box to add a second line of text on a single stripe and used our printer’s borderless printing feature to print the card. We added background colors to the address and return address text boxes on the white envelope for a punch of color. We also added a floating text box saying “please deliver to:” above the address. We lined the White envelopes in Yellow for a splash of color.


Summer Soirée (Extreme)

Our PrintingPress Extreme 6.0 design is fun and festive and can be easily adjusted to suit any color scheme. We added a custom border to a White A7 card and set the border’s Shape to Double Line (Top & Bottom). We set the border’s Width to 1.875 inches and filled the border with a fun new groovy waves (black) pattern. We colorized the pattern to orange and added a 3 point orange inner pen to the border. We added the invitation text in grey using the Palatino Linotype font and set the Text Case to lowercase for all text in the project except for the word ”BARBEQUE” where we highlighted the letters B, B and Q in orange. We duplicated the border for the return address text box on the front of the White envelopes, which we lined in Pewter.



Extreme Tip


--------------------  On the baseline  --------------------

You’ve probably used the horizontal and vertical alignment tools in PrintingPress Extreme 6.0 frequently to adjust the placement of your text. But have you ever worked with the Baseline Shift setting to fine tune text placement? If not, you should give it a try. Whether you want fine control over the placement of an entire line of text, a pair of letters for perfect superscript placement in 24th, or part of a line of text for design aesthetics, the Baseline Shift setting is what you need.


Baseline Shift


In this month’s Extreme Dear Dad project, we used the Baseline Shift setting to give the return address a modern twist. The original return address is shown below.




We selected the street, city, state and postal code and increased the Baseline Shift to 5 to center the text vertically against the larger text size used for the name.







Check out tips on downloading projects, borderless printing and more in our Newsletter Notes section.

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