Happily Ever After & The big day
March 2013


--------------------  Happily Ever After  --------------------

Our favorite time of year is upon us: wedding season! To celebrate the magic of two people beginning their happily ever after together, we’ve created fun and flirty new wedding invitation designs. You don’t want your wedding invitations to get lost in the crowd, and our new designs have just the right amount of attitude.


Wedding Invitations (PrintingPress)

Our PrintingPress 6.0, featuring our Natural Cotton stock, screams modern elegance. We started by adding a quartet of circles in a color palette of cinnamon, mustard and two shades of grey to the top of an A7 Natural Cotton card. We adjusted the Transparency of all of the circles to 60 percent and then placed them so that they overlap and the colors blend. Next, we added the bride and groom’s names in cinnamon and mustard in all uppercase letters using the Trebuchet font that is included with Windows. We used the underscore character “_” to add a line beneath the names to separate them form the body of text. We typed the rest of the text in grey using all lowercase letters but typed the bride and groom’s full names in color.  We repeated the motif at the top of the 4-Bar response card. After printing, we used a corner punch to round the corners of the invitation and response card. We also added the motif to the White envelopes and lined them in Pewter.


Wedding Invitations (Platinum)

Looking for something less formal? Check out our PrintingPress Platinum 6.0 design featuring our Metallic Vintage stationery. We started by adding an image of a round rectangle filled in black stripes to the top of an A7 card. Next, we moved the image behind the main text area of the card and typed the bride and groom’s names in white lowercase letters using the Impact font that is included with Windows. We added the heart character (also using the Impact font) in pink to join the two names. We added the invitation text at the bottom of the card in pink and black using the Trebuchet font. To coordinate with the striped round rectangles, we used a corner punch to round the corners of the invitation and response card after printing. We added the striped round rectangle across the flap of the invitation envelope and lined both envelopes in Black for a bit of drama.


Wedding Invitations (Extreme)

Our strikingPrintingPress Extreme 6.0 design is sure to get noticed with its bold black and white color scheme featuring our Natural Cotton stock. We started by filling the background of an A7 Natural Cotton card in a dark charcoal and then added all of the invitation text and accoutrements in white. We used a combination of the Isabelle font from Fonts & Graphics 2 and the Georgia font that is included with Windows. We added a flourish image in the upper left corner of the invitation beneath the words “Please join us for the wedding of” and colorized the flourish to white. We used a floating text box to bend the bride and groom’s names in a graceful arch above the rest of the invitation text. We adjusted the skew of individual characters in the floating text box to make the text remain upright while bending in the curve. For tips on using this technique, see this month’s Extreme Tip. We repeated the arching names on the back of the White invitation envelope and lined it in Metallic Vintage. We created a response postcard with the charcoal background and the arching names on the address side and a playful fill-in on the back.



--------------------  The big day  --------------------

Everyone knows that a lot of planning goes into a wedding, down to every little detail. You want to make sure that everything looks gorgeous on your big day, and that the events of the day run smoothly. Your wedding day stationery helps out in style; the programs explain the events of your ceremony, the place cards guide guests to their tables at your reception, and the menus lead them from appetizer through dessert with style.


Wedding Day (PrintingPress)

Have a nature theme? A beautiful green butterfly adorns each piece of our PrintingPress 6.0 design. The butterfly rests in the top left corner of the White A7 ceremony program card. We added the bride and groom’s names in dark gray using the Georgia font in uppercase letters. We joined the names with a green ampersand using the Palatino Linotype font with the italic style.  We appended the wedding date in green after the groom’s name and added a row of gray bullet characters “·” on the next line. We set the card’s margins to zero and increased the character spacing between the bullets until they filled the line. We added the wedding party and ceremony events and used tabs to evenly space the text in simulated columns. We used our printer’s borderless printing feature to print the card and then used a corner punch to round the corners of the card. We repeated the design on the White A7 menu card and added the butterfly to the White place card and White 8 x 8 inch custom cut table card.


Wedding Day (Platinum)

Our PrintingPress Platinum 6.0 design celebrates the bride and groom with a chivalrous flare as their names are spelled out across a banner billowing in the wind. We added the banner (rose) image as a floating image and then used floating text boxes to add the bride and groom’s names in white above the banner using the Palatino Linotype font that is included with Windows. We typed the rest of the text into the main text area of the White 5 x 10 inch custom cut ceremony program card. We repeated the design on the White A7 menu card and White 8 x 8 inch custom cut table card. We used a similar banner image for the guest name on the White place card.


Wedding Day (Extreme)

Love the simple beauty of typography? Check out our PrintingPress Extreme 6.0 design. We started by adding the bride and groom’s names and wedding date nestled between braces “{ }” at the top of the White 4 x 10 inch custom cut ceremony program card. We typed the bride’s names and braces on the first line in grey and aqua using the Georgia font. We added the groom’s name on the second line and increased the Baseline Shift for the second line until it rested within the braces as well. We used a floating text box to add the wedding date and tucked it beneath the “and” that joins the bride and groom. We repeated the design on the White A7 menu card, White place card and White 8 x 8 inch custom cut table card.




Extreme Tip


--------------------  A certain slant on things  --------------------

In this month’s Extreme Wedding Invitation design, we used the advanced features of PrintingPress Extreme 6.0 to customize text on a curve. We started with a floating text box with the bride and groom’s names and two lines created using the underscore character “_” as shown below. As you can see, the text box is too large to fit within the size of the card.


Text Shape: Line
(click to enlarge)


Next, we set the text box’s  Text Shape to Inverted Wave.


Text Shape: Inverted Wave
(click to enlarge)


In order to make the wave bend up over the invitation text, we rotated the floating text box 14 degrees to the left.


Rotated to left
(click to enlarge)


You can see that the letters rotate along the shape of the curve. Now to begin the advanced modifications. First, we set the Horizontal Alignment for the entire text box to Left. This will allow you to extend the length of the lines above and below the names to fit the length of whatever names you use. We recommend changing the text color to black while making changes and then changing it back to white once you have finished. Below, you can see that we nudged the top line to the right a little bit and then deleted extra underscores until the line was even with the names.


Adjusted lines
(click to enlarge)


For this design, we wanted the letters to remain more upright, so we double-clicked on the text box and started adjusting the skew for each character. Start with the first character on the left and repeatedly click on the Decrease Skew button until the letter looks upright. Adjusting the skew of the letter will also adjust the spacing, so repeatedly click on the Decrease Horizontal Spacing button until the letters are spaced properly.


Adjust skew and horizontal spacing
(click to enlarge)


Repeat for each character and you’re finished!


(click to enlarge)


--------------------  Pssst... Professionals only  --------------------

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