Be Mine & Wedding Day Goodies
January/February 2017


--------------------  Be Mine  --------------------

Happy New Year! With the new year come new resolutions, and one of ours is to spread love and joy. One simple way is with Valentines. Whether you’re sending a stack into school with your youngster, slipping one into your sweetie’s coat pocket, or mailing a few to friends, opening an adorable Valentine will put a smile on anyone’s face. Our sweet new designs use free fonts from and that you will need download to use in each project. Professionals, make sure you double-check that the license supports commercial use before using. Want to spread even more happiness? Coordinating Valentine gifts are available for purchase on our Amazon Custom store.


Stuck on You Valentines
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Want something cuter than cute? Check out our PrintingPress 7.0 Stuck on You Valentines. First, we added a happy pair of cacti holding hands to the top of a Natural Cotton 4-Bar card. Next, we added a trio of hearts to surround the prickly couple with love. We wrote the Valentine greeting at the bottom of the card in pink using the Frente H1 font. After printing, we rounded the corners of the cards with a corner punch.  Paired with Cinnamon envelopes lined in Deep Pink, they’re Cupid-approved.


Pugs and Kisses Valentines
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We’ve got even more cuteness in our PrintingPress Platinum 7.0 Pugs & Kisses Valentines. We started by adding a trio of adorable baby pugs to a Natural Cotton 4-Bar card. Next, we used floating text boxes to add hand-drawn hearts surrounding the puppies. We created the hearts using the Sprinkles Colors font’s ampersand character in pink. We wrote the greeting in gray using the Nixie One font. We used a corner punch to round the card’s corners after printing. We added more hearts to the outside of the Blush envelopes and lined them in Cinnamon.


Heart Hands Valentines
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Looking for something a bit more sophisticated? Try our PrintingPress Extreme 8.0 Heart Hands Valentines. We filled the background of the Natural Cotton card in robin’s egg blue and added a white silhouette of two hands forming a heart. We used floating text boxes to add the valentine greeting in curves above and below the hands using the Nixie One font in gray. For a touch of whimsy, we used an additional floating text box with the Veneer font to add a tiny bird perched atop one of the hands. Since the background color fills the entire card, we used our printer’s borderless printing feature. After printing, we rounded the corners of the cards with a corner punch. To finish the Valentines, we paired them with White envelopes lined in Pewter.



--------------------  Wedding Day Goodies   --------------------

When you’re planning your wedding, you want every detail to be perfect. Today we’re helping you make your reception tables gorgeous with new menu and place card designs and coordinating favor boxes. We used free fonts from The favor boxes as well as coordinating wedding keepsakes are available for purchase on our Amazon Custom store.



Tandem Bicycle Table Stationery
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If you’re opting for a more relaxed, informal wedding, you’ve probably noticed the tandem bicycle trend. Our PrintingPress 7.0 Tandem Bicycle Table Stationery features a silhouette of a tandem bicycle at the top of the Cinnamon Menu and Place Card. We used the Special Elite font for the text on both pieces for a rustic urban look. The coordinating favor boxes are also printed on Cinnamon card stock.



Marble Table Stationery
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Want something that exudes luxury? You’ve got to see our PrintingPress Platinum 7.0 Marble Table Stationery. First, we added a new marble border image to the White A7 menu card. Next, we added the menu text in gray and aqua using the Cinzel font. We added a similar border to the front of the White Place Card and used the same font and colors for the guest name and table. Since the marble borders run to the edges of the cards, we used our printer’s borderless printing feature for both. The coordinating favor boxes will dress up any table setting.


Heart Vine Table Stationery
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Our PrintingPress Extreme 8.0 Heart Vine Table Stationery will work with any style reception. Fun, modern type styling combined with elegant-without-being-stuffy heart-shaped vines result in a design that can be easily dressed up or down to suit your style. We used the Grand Hotel font in blue and the Pompiere font in gray for both the White Menu and White custom size place card. To get the square place cards, we used White 4-Bar folded note cards and used our rotary cutter to trim them so that they fold to 3.5 x 3.5 inches. To learn how we created the gorgeous type styling for the guest name and table number on the place card, see this month’s Extreme Tip. We used the Nexa Rust Extras Free font to create the heart vines. The coordinating favor boxes will beautifully package some sweet treats to thank your guests for sharing your celebration.



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Extreme Tip


--------------------  Supercharged Place Cards  --------------------

You’ve heard about PrintingPress Extreme 8.0’s fabulous supercharged addressing features, but what about supercharged place cards? You can use all of the powerful supercharging tools on the guest name/table number text box as well. For this month’s Heart Vine Table Stationery, we used the supercharging tools to create gorgeous place cards with unique typography. We started with all of the text using the Pompiere font in gray.


Single font


Next, we double-clicked on the Guest Name text box and checked the last name checkbox in the Put on its own line list in the Automatic text modifications section. You can see in the preview on the right side of the window that the placeholder last name is now on its own line.


Remove horizontal spacing
(click to enlarge)


We clicked OK and you can see the last name on its own line on the place card.


Last name on its own line


Next, we clicked on the placeholder guest name on the place card and then clicked on the Alternate Font options button in the Character palette in the Text palette group. We chose last name in the popup menu that appears.


Alternate font controls


We changed the font, size and color for the last name to make it coordinate with the fonts used on the menu. The finished result is shown below.


Supercharged Place Card


 * For the Nexa Rust Extras Free font, click on the DOWNLOAD NEXA RUST FROM FONTSPRING link and you will see the extras font as well.





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